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LRD Marketing is a full-service video production company offering fast, affordable, creative video production solutions. We help our clients overcome the hindrances of traditional video production including higher cost, poor performance, and sluggish speed.
Thanks to our video production services, you can enjoy more audience-friendly, high-performance websites at affordable costs.

Our Mission

At LRD Marketing, we strive to create captivating, yet simple videos. We are dedicated to creating top-quality, memorable videos that will inspire, educate, and offer solutions for your organization.

Wealth of Experience in Video Production

Our professional video production team has a decade of experience in making the best videos. Using this experience, we’ll bring out your goals and vision in every video that we create.
From personalized animations, color grading, to audio tuning, you can expect videos that exceed your highest expectations.

Videos We Create

Comprehensive Video Production


Whether you know what you want or you need some creative minds to help you out, we’ve got you! Our video production experts have lots of ideas that will bring your vision to life.
We’ll handle the planning, plotting, and everything else we need to get started.


Once we get all we need for your video production, our videography crew will set the stage for your video production. Then, we’ll hit the ground with quality lighting, the best cameras, and action!

Post Production

During the post-production stage, we’ll bring everything together so we can share your story. Our video editors will connect the scenes to create high-quality, compelling videos.

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Our Services

Corporate Videos Production

With over 10 years of experience, LRD Marketing has what it takes to create high-quality corporate videos. From company profiles, live streaming, messaging videos, or CEO messaging, we can handle it.

And if you need professional clips or films to boost your business growth, you can trust our video production experts.

To get you started with your corporate video production, contact our professional videography team now.

Real Estate Videos

Do you need professional real estate videographers for your real estate videos? Contact LRD Marketing today.

Our videography experts will make your listing stand out and offer you maximum returns for your investment. Whether yours is a residential, commercial, or luxury real estate business, you can trust us to make your property visually attractive.

We highlight all the important details, location, and amenities so you can sell your house fast.

Commercial Videos

Whether you need commercial videos for television, social media, or in-store, trust the videographers at LRD Marketing. Our in-house team will capture your vision so we can create videos that meet your marketing goals.

And because we offer affordable video production services, you can create more videos and enjoy more sales.

Product Videos

For all your commercials and promotional videos, trust the professional videographers at LRD Marketing. Our talented team will create high-value content that will build your brand, create product awareness, and generate sales.

And long after the product video is over, the viewers will feel a great sense of connection that will move them to buy your product.

Events Videos Production

At LRD Marketing, we know that every event has its unique ‘wow’ moments and dynamic angle. This is why our videography team strives to capture something beyond the event.

Here are some of our events video production services:

Get in touch with us now so we can schedule your events video production service.

Web Videos Production

Do you need web videos for your company website, social media websites, YouTube, or eCommerce websites? We can help!

Our videography team will deliver engaging, top-quality videos that will grab the attention of your audience.

Below are some web videos we can create:

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